SHR9000 Series (9 Ton)

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SHR9000 Series (9 Ton) Piling Machine

SHR9000 Series (9 Ton)

SHR900 Series piling machine is fabricated and mounted on Hitachi ZX350-5G excavator boom base superstructure. Those piling machine structure will be designed to match the excavator outlook and add on with additional function for piling hammering system. In order to meet the requirement of mobilization and demolition, those piling machine is design to certain height for transportation purpose. In certain countries, the SHR900 series piling machine don’t need to dismantle the hammer cases from piling machine as the height is design to 4.35 measured from ground.

The piling hammering system is operate by excavator hydraulic system to accelerate the ram upward vertically to predetermine height (stroke of hammer cylinder shaft) and then drop under gravity force. The design of the hammer cylinder with 4 sets of accumulators to stabilize and accelerate the hydraulic flow and pressure. Overall, the hydraulic system don’t need extra power pack to operate.

The SHR900 Piling Machine hammer ram weight can be assembled by following combinations of 3 ton, 5 ton, 7 ton and 9 ton ram hammer.

The Hitachi excavator engine.

This engine has a track record showing impressive durability at countless tough job sites around the world. The engine — associated with a rugged design, a direct fuel injection system and an elaborate governor — goes green, and complies with EU Stage II and US EPA Tier 2 emissions regulations. The cooling system well keeps the engine cool. The engine cover has a wider air suction area, and radiators are arranged in parallel for efficient cooling. This parallel arrangement also facilitates their cleaning. The ample-capacity intercooler and turbocharger help yield a whopping 184 kW (246 HP) output for higher production in shorter job schedule.

Engine Model and Spec.

Model Isuzu AH-6HK1X
Type 4-cycle water-cooled, direct injection
Aspiration Turbocharged, intercooled
No. of Cylinders 6
Rated Power
ISO 9249, Net 184 kW (246 HP) at 2 000 min-1 (rpm)
SAE J1349, Net 184 kW (246 HP) at 2 000 min-1 (rpm)
Maximum Torque 873 Nm (89.0 kgfm) at 1 700 min-1 (rpm)
Piston Displacement 7.790 L
Bore and Stroke 115 mm x 125 mm
Batteries 2 x 12 V / 128 A

Technical Data

Piling Hammer Ram Series 3 Ton 5 Ton 7 Ton 9 Ton
Ram Weight and combination (kg) 3000 3000
+ 2000
+ 4000
+ 2000
+ 4000
Drive Cap Weight (kg) 675 675 675 675
Total Ram Weight (kg) 3070 5171 7093 8963
Stroke (Min – Max) mm 100 - 1200 100 - 1200 100 - 1200 100 - 1200
Max Potential Energy
36.8 62.1 85.1 107.6
Blow Rate (bpm) 20-100 20-100 20-100 20-100
Operating Speed Range (rpm) 1200-1600 1200-1600 1200-1600 1500-1800

Piling Machine Dimension

The Overall Dimension

Description Dimension
The Piling Machine Boom Height from Ground Floor 21.8 m
The Hammer Casing Height 6.6 m
Hammer Bottom Cap from Ground Floor 14.0 m
Counter Clearance from Ground Floor 1.14m
The Piling Case Height from Ground Floor Level (in Horizontal) 4.36 m
The Overall length of Boom (in Horizontal) 20.8 m
The boom length with extended boom flat back (in Horizontal) 14.7 m

The piling machine is modified and equip with:-

1. Hammer Case Assembly
2. Hammer Assembly
3. Hammer Hydraulic Cylinder and Hydraulic Block
4. Hammer Cap
5. Extend and Retractable Undercarriage
6. Extra storage compartment for welding set and tool box
7. Electronic monitoring device and wireless on line tracking system
8. Additional Rear Jack Cylinder





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