Hydraulic Drop Hammer Pile Tester 80 Ton

Hydraulic Drop Hammer Pile Tester 80 Ton Pile PDA Tester

Hydraulic Drop Hammer Pile Tester 80 Ton

Pile load test -PDA

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The SHR 80 T Pile Load Tester Equipment is design for testing the capacity, integrity and installation method of pile. The equipment is design to upload the raw weight about 80 – 100 Ton and two vertical hydraulic cylinder running stroke about 3 m L.

The SHR 80 T is designed with three separate section structures that can be dismantle and install easily. The separate structure can be up load to lorry for transportation. Those section structure can be lift up by mobile crane.

The dimension of the Dynamic Load Tester.

We designed the PDA (Dynamic Load Testing) complete with Hydraulic Power Pack system. An efficient power pack will supply hydraulic force to lift up the load to designated height and release the load immediately. Raw weight will drop freely and hit impact to the hammer cap.

Note: Picture taken from internet.

Model (Unit) SHR 80 T
Prussure (Bar) 280
Max Flow Rate (Liter/Min) 150
No of Hydraulic Cylinder Lift up Raw Weight (Unit) 2
Hydraulic Cylinder Stroke (mm) 3000
No of Stand Cylinders (Unit) 4
Stand Hydraulic Cylinder Stroke (mm) 574
Machine Over Size (mm) 4226 mm W x 5154 mm L x 7433 mm H
Total Weight of Machine (for 40 ton raw weight) (Ton) 54
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